Walking Alone

The Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrim route crossing northern Spain, lures characters from Lancashire who are trying to heal the remnants of a broken relationship.


He thought the worst was over. Last year when things were falling apart he had managed to bring them back together. How could he have got it so wrong?

‘You can’t forgive me? David pleaded. ‘Even start to forgive me?’

Helen shook her head. ‘Each time I try, I see you and her together, however brief it was, and I feel so betrayed.’

‘Can I give you some reasons why it happened, help you understand?’

‘Reasons?’ Her tone was sharp. ‘You mean excuses. I know your reasons – I was stressed at work, distant with you, I couldn’t appreciate that you were struggling with retirement, oh, and wouldn’t have sex with you. I know all that, you’ve told me. But it isn’t an excuse.’

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