Books for Christmas 2020

The gift of escapism

Have you had enough of reality in 2020? Then it’s time to get lost in a book. Better still, give one away and help a friend immerse themselves in an imaginary world where the old normal still exists; characters hug and shake hands, don’t stand at a shop door cursing a forgotten mask and never need to estimate distances in a queue.

Books are marvellous gifts and avid readers will accept them with anticipation of the pleasure that lies between their pages. If, as buyers, we can support independent publishers, local shops and writers, then the joy of giving can be threefold. I heartily recommend the authors below depending on reading tastes. All the novels are available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle format, but if possible, order directly from the author or from your local bookshop.

Historical novels set in France and Corsica

Vanessa Couchman writes historical novels and short stories with a French flavour. Two novels are set on the intriguing island of Corsica. A trilogy covering 1897-1945, set partly in the area of SW France where Vanessa lives, is in progress.


Mandy Jameson’s relationship dramas Landsliding and The Fortnight focus on families and secrets – with plenty of tension, intrigue and twists. Both novels have received five-star reviews and are available via Amazon.

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Young Adult Fiction

The Tree Magic series features Rainbow, a teenager who can understand trees. She must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice for the welfare of trees, a journey that takes her from England to France and beyond.

Written by Harriet Springbett. Published by Impress Books.

Sci-fi is old hat – today it’s cli-fi!

Steve Humphrey’s fast-moving thriller: The Venus Timeline blends fact and fiction to spell out the fate of planet Earth as it follows its neighbour on a one-way ticket to Armageddon.

Contemporary fiction with beautiful settings

Walking Apart and Walking Alone by Catherine Finch combine to make a complete set taking the reader from Lancashire and the Lake District to Australia, then along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Holding On Letting Go will warm up a chilly winter evening with a narrative set in the sweltering summer heat of South West France.

Orders through:  Send an e-mail with details of your message and books can be gift-wrapped, tagged and posted to any UK address.


Number 10 in Clitheroe is a fabulous, independent bookshop stocking a wide range of books and a selection of gifts for readers. Call in when the shop reopens or visit the website and discuss your needs with Zoe.

Fred Holdsworth, the iconic Ambleside bookshop, has a superb selection of adult and children’s books. Mail order is available through the website.

“Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people – people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book.”– E.B. White, author of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web