Walking Alone – A Sequel to Walking Apart

Walking Alone – a sequel to Walking Apart proposed release date, Autumn 2019.

Sneeky peek

‘She’s gone,’ Helen said. ‘Not seen her for almost a week, now.’

‘Mum, no. What, just disappeared?’ Lizzie was horrified.

‘She’s not my cat.’

‘She’s everyone’s cat. Were you feeding her? Giving her some attention.’

‘Of course I was feeding her,’ Helen snapped. ‘I actually thought one evening I quite liked her being here. At least it was someone to talk to.’

Helen sat at the table and when Lizzie turned she heard a faint sob and watched as her mother covered her face with her hands. She hesitated, then sat beside her.

‘It’s only a cat,’ Lizzie said, placing a hand on her mum’s arm.  ‘She’ll come back. We can put some posters on lamp posts and ask if anyone’s seen her.’

Helen’s shoulders heaved with emotion and for a few minutes, all Lizzie could do was sit quietly and wait.

Eventually Helen reached for a tissue. She seemed to regain some composure.

‘For goodness sake, it’s not Floss I’m crying about,’ she said, as if Lizzie was a stupid child, ‘it’s Dad.’


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